It all began with a passion for food...


We have a partnership with food that no-one can come between. Our passion is one which we love to share with others. Between us we have over 30 years experience in the kitchen; so you could say, that cooking is in our fingers and bones. Nothing excites us more than to take the most inexpensive and underrated ingredients and create something wonderful to enjoy around a table full of laughter and love. 


Our style is getting back to our roots, back to mums' and grandmas' kitchens, bringing back the basics and the classics...and passing on our knowledge.


In our travels we have cooked with some world renowned chefs including Jamie Oliver and served food to movie stars, super models and the worlds most powerful politicians.


We love to make everything from scratch and believe in local providence. Whether you enjoy sinking your teeth into delicious homemade treats, licking messy fingers full of flavour or sitting around the table with some old school favourites, we have a little piece of everyones taste in our food.


Fingers and Bones are delighted to work with you to bring something special

to your table.

Fingers and Bones

Gold Coast, Queensland
Phone us: 0413 313 466



Leigh & Dennis Duncanson






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